New in: metallic sneakers

As I try to do a lot of walking I was in need of comfortable footwear (I won’t be to stressed of damaging). Since I can remember I wanted Converse sneakers – so cool and oh so expensive and posh, right? Well, that’s exactly why I don’t want them so much anymore (becouse every teen and almost every other person is wearing them…).

I came across those sneakers when I was shopping for shoes to my work (black flats, will show them to you soon) and I somehow felt in love with them.

As every sneakers they are supercomfortable (eco leather is extremly soft, I was so surprised when I touched them), and because they are metallic they add some interesting theme to every outfit (even most boring ‘all-black’ ones), and the buckles at the back? J’adore!

atmosphere sneakers – 8 GBP


Running shoes

Have you ever moved to another country and tried to fit all your stuff to a suitcase? If yes, than you know it’s impossible to take every thing you may need and still fit to airlane’s weight limits. Especially if you decide to move just before autumn/winter and need to take sweaters, boots and coat… I still miss eg. a hair-dryer or a few extra sweaters so I don’t need to put on the same three again and again…

The thing I didn’t take with me as well from home was sports footwear. I destroyed my pair at home just before taking off and decided not to buy new as they are too heavy to drag with me. So last week I was more than pleased when I found out that a sports store on my way home is having a sale. I bought those lovely running shoes with a -30% discount, paying the prize which was less than I would have paid for such shoes back in Poland (~25 pounds).

They are really great – look and feel perfect on my feet. They have breathability and are very comfy; designed especially for running, fitness and cross training. Ligh shoe, good grip. Those are my first Puma’s but I am extremly pleased with them (too bad it got way too cold to run outside right now and I’m still too poor to waste money on a gym :/).

Funny thing about them? I seemingly bought a men’s type as women’s is in pink (mine are navy & white) – design is the same and they apparently had masculine (teenagers) ones in size 5. I find them way prettier than regular feminine pink ones!

Puma Tazon 4 in white/navy

Espadrille wedges – ultimate summer footwear

On Tuesday my beloved friend asked me to go shopping with her. Obviously I happily agreed. She wanted to buy shoes to match her new colorful summer dress and had no clue what to buy. We went to a store and she started looking… and it made me thinking about perfect summer shoes. Sandals? Obvious. Wedges? Yeah.  Sandal wedges? Market is actually overflown with them. Espadrille? Not really. Feet just don’t look good in them. Espadrille wedges? Yes! Perfect! Light, summerish and well, just perfect. So I chose black espadrille wedges and handled them to her – she bought them 🙂

For those of you who doesn’t know. Espadrille is a textile shoe on braid sole (it orginated from France, where was worn by unwealthy people).  Nowadays espadrille wedges can be both textile or leather on braid straw.

Mine are actually made of eco-leather:

(I will make an outfit post featuring them, but right now I don’t have a camera to take photos.) (My parents took it for their weekend holidays.) (I took those photos before they took off.) (So next week, ok?)

The unique straw gives espadrilles a sense of lightness (even if they are sky high). Wedge gives stability – they are really easy to walk in and suit foot perfectly while walking. Moreover they match almost all summer outfits, and depending on a pattern can be both funky or elegant.

I think it’s the only type of footwear that conjoins only with summer (well, thanks to recent catwalk trends sandals don’t count. Yes, I’m talking about the socks+sandals trend.)

So acknowledging all of that I want to buy myself another pair (the pair above I have for more than a year now)!  I searched the web, and found some. Let’s have a quick look.

1. Belle Sigerson Morrison (strappy lettice espadrille wedges)

2. Miu Miu (leather wedge espadrilles)

3. Belle Sigerson Morrison (leather espadrille wedges)

4. Paloma Barcelo (marina suede espadrille wedges)

5. Zara (multicoluored jute wedge)

6. Zara (raffia wedge platforms)

7. H&M (straw and canvas wedge sandals)

8. H&M (imitation leather wedges)

I can’t decide what type of espadrille I should go for now. Black, elegant one or playful&colorful one for daytime summer outfits? What are your picks?