Review: Burberry Body (perfume)

As you may know, Burberry has launched a super cool promotion for their new fragrance a while back via their facebook profile. Every fan might have ordered a sample of Burberry Body. As a huge fan of the brand I was more than eager to do so. And I did. It took three weeks for the sample to make its way to Krakow but it arrived in the first week of September and I was happily testing it (meaning to write a review earlier but my thesis defence got on my way, and then my computer started to dying (actually it still is, writing this post takes ages), but I’m going to buy myself a laptop this week 🙂 ).


First – the package. Very well put together, and very nice to see how much work was done to please brand’s fans for free. A nice card with Rosie on the front and a few thanking words on the back – nice gesture. Package of sample – beautiful bottle but in a cartoon box – just like the orginal bottle in a smaller size, but it’s not that small at all – 4,5ml of strong perfume. I was in a good mood even before I smell them.

And the smell itself –  very strong at first, but at the same time very subtle and feminine. And what’s really important for me, stays on your body for a very long time.

It is a luxury chypre – fruity composition that begins with notes of fresh green absinthe, peach and freesia. Roses and iris are in the heart, leaning on the base of sandalwood, cashmerean, musk, amber and vanilla.

I think it might become my day perfume, and I strongly recommend you to try it on yourself.


Recommendation: Cetaphil (lotion)


Some time ago I was searching for a good moisturising cream. All of whose I came across were good when it came to effect but: a) were not efficient, b) left your skin looking oily, c) had too heavy consistency. So when I’ve started using Cetaphil about two months ago, I was full of worries (especially as it cames in 250 ml container and I thought – what was I gonna do when it turned out to be bad? Well, I don’t have those worries now :P).

From the continer’s sticker we can learn that Cetaphil is a lotin, has high tolerance, is for sensitive or dry skin, fragrance-free and non-comedogenic. Moreover: “Clinically proven to bind water to the skin and prevent moisture loss. Quick absorption and long-lasting hydration of the (outer-most layer of the) skin. Helps maintain skin’s natural protective barries.

Provides immediate soothing and softening. Fragrance-free and lanolin-free formulation, appropriate for sensitive or dry skin.

Specifically formulated to hydrate sensitive or dry skin. Recommended to re-hydrate damaged skin associated with common skin conditions and following dermatological treatments.”

I have to agree with most of it (and I’m not knowledgeable about the rest). It absorbes very quickly, skin is smooth and moisturised afterwards. The formula is really delicate and light. It gives immediate relief to your skin, and when using for a longer time improves your skin condition. I also recently (unfortunately) found out that it’s good for sun-burned skin. And moreover lotion is very efficient (watch out when applying!).

I use it everyday for a night treatment for my face, and twice a day (morning and evening) for the rest of my body. Really highly recommended (especially for summer and after-holidays time when your skin is tired and dehydrated).

Note: available only in drug stores.

Average price – £8.00 / $10.00 / PLN30.00 for 250 ml container (16 Oz.)

Recommendation: Effaclar & Effaclar Duo


It’s a high time to write a new recommendation for you, don’t you think? After writing about a perfect medium/full covering foundation, and a hair mask, it’s now turn for a clearance!

When I started having problems with my skin (do you know what I’m talking about? Sometimes shiny, sometimes a spot here and there… well you get the idea. No one’s skin’s perfect.) my dermatologist recommended me those two.

The brand La Roche-Posay is quite well known all over the world (they produce cosmetics for over 30 years now). They specialize in sensitive skin problems, and have quite a wide range of products for all skin types. Cosmetics for skin with imperfections come with Effaclar name. And that’s what I am gonna talk to you about now.

There are 10 products in this category, which you can see here. However I only have been using Effaclar gel (left in the photo above) and Effaclar Duo (right) for what seems two years now.

Purifying Foaming Gel does what they say. It gently cleanses your face without irritating it, also affects emission of sebum (also regulates your skin pH), giving you fresh and clrean skin for hours. However I cannot tell weather it helps for imperfections as I was only using it with Effaclar Duo (but when I wasn’t using this particular gel before applying Effaclar Duo, I haven’t noticed any increase of imperfections). It also isn’t the best product to wash away you make-up (you can wash off foundation but for eg. mascara I recommend something different).

Effaclar Duo – well I’m in love with this one. It helps immediately. Only after first use you can see a different and using it regularly makes quite a change to your skin – no more imperfections nor shining problems. It fights against bacteria whose brings the acne and also unclogges pores. Consequently your skind really is smoother and cleaner.

However because of the ingredients used for this cream, you better monitor your skin if it’s not starting to dry up. They advise to use it twice a day (mornings and evenings), but from my experience you may only need to use it once (if you don’t have big skin problems). Most time I only use it in the mornings and in the evenings I use moisturizing one (otherwise my skin on the nose and cheeks starts to dry up and as you know it doesn’t look good then).

But please remember to choose cometics accordingly to YOUR skin type and skin problems. What is good for one may not be good for other 🙂

Average price – Effaclar gel:  $22.00 / £9.00 / PLN35.00 for 200ml (also available in 400ml)

Average price – Effaclar Duo: $28.00 / £13,00 / PLN49.00 for 40ml

Reccomendation: Henna Treatment Wax – the hair mask


We all want to have beautiful, bushy and shiny hair. And even if we do have, we want them to be  even better. Quite normal for our vain human nature.

I always had great looking hair and had absolutely no problem with them, so no matter what I was using they always looked nice. Obviously I used this and that to make them more shiny, more bushy, less damaged, but quite every product worked for me, consequently I didn’t need to look into that stuff too much.

Everything changed about six months ago, when I’ve started having this massive problem with hair coming out literally by the handful. I quite paniced and started taking some pills with vitamins B (mostly it’s the lack of B12 that causes hair loss), it worked as my hair stopped coming out, but I wanted them to be really bushy again. I talked to my hairdresser and she told me about the Henna Treatment Wax hair mask. Now I am a huge fan of this product.

As I had quite a big problem with my hair condtion I started using the mask quite often (once every four days) and after 2 months only once a week. After those two months my hair are shiny and healthy, and I think I see a lot of new hair growing (but obviously it will be more visible in next few months. Fingers corssed!).

The Henna Treatment Wax products are on the market for over 20 years. In Poland they are distributed by Pilomax, but they are produced in Great Britain by Richards & Appleby Ltd. (the container looks slightly different there). They have a lot of products (shampoos, conditioners, ect.) but I only used their hair mask (the one for blonde hair actually). And that’s what you can read about it in the description from mine product:

This is the original henna wax treatment for BLONDES or HIGHLIGHTENED Hair. This formula is made from the finest ingredients including Camomille and is specially produced for blonde hair. Pure henna is extracted from Lawsonia (henna plant) leaves and produces excellent qualities for a deep penetrating hair conditioner. Builds hairs strength from the inside out conditioning from root to tip! It permiates through the hair shaft to the cortex to repair damage caused by excessive overheating, overstyling with styling appliances, bleaching, perming, helps to combat weathering, dryness and fights frizz. Use regularly for lustrous looking hair. THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT ADD COLOUR OR CHANGE THE COLOUR OF YOUR HAIR!

I totally agree with it. The only minus (or maybe not) is that (after massaging in your head skin and hair) you have to leave it for 30 minutes, preferably wrapping your head in a warm towel (the mask is working better when keeps in warm). And after you wash it off and dry your hair they are slightly different in structure (you don’t use additional conditioner) – I actually don’t mind that (well, until I have a very important meeting and I want to use eg. volumizing conditoner – so you get the idea).


Average price:  £4.75/PLN22,12 per 240g container

(available in 480g, 240g, 70g containers)

Note: In Poland you can only buy it at a chemist’s shop (no idea how it’s in the other countries).

Recommendation: Revlon ColorStay foundation

Orginally I wanted to write a lookbook post, but today I have such a lazy day that even my outfit is the laziest (and lamest) ever. Consequently I decided to write about my favourite foundation 😀

I have been on the quest to find the perfert foundation for a while now. Something was always wrong: sometimes the brand didn’t have my tone, sometimes the application was so hard that almost painful, and sometimes it just looked fake no matter what. So I tried and tried and tried… and about half a year ago I came across Revlon ColorStay foundation. Not only they have my tone (I use 180 Sand Beige) but it also does its job really well.

But let me start from the beginning.

Revlon offers two types of ColorStay foundation: for normal/dry skin and for combination/oily skin. Choose the right one as it allows your skin to look flawless and natural (with matte finish) for a long time (they say it lasts about 16 hours after applying. From my experience – it may wear even longer.). They offer 20 shades, so I’m pretty sure everyone will find the perfect match.
ColorStay gives full coverage (I don’t really need to use any concealer now!) and is surprisingly weightless at the same time. However be warned – it really consolidates after 60 seconds, so apply carefully not to leave spots with too much foundation (it gives unnatural, heavy look).
The only disadvantages for me are:
* smell – I bet all Revlon foundations have this alcohol-related smell. I would definitely prefer it to be odourless,
* glass bottle – it’s really, really hard to extract the remainder of the foundation, so as the result there is always some unused left.

Average price: $13, £12,50, PLN65 per 1.0 Fl.Oz/Oz. Liq./30ml
(totally worth it! & a bottle lasts for long – its really efficient)

I am still searching for perfect light-reflecting foundation for summer look, any suggestions?
(I tried Revlon PhotoReady but it gives too luminous look as for me :()