Elusive summer editorials

There’s something different in summer editorials. Something imperceptible. Something that makes them so fetching and makes you wanna dive into them and forget that it’s pouring rain and cold outside.

I wanted to share those two editorials with you for quite some time. They are from Polish magazine Twoj Styl, July issue.

The first one is so summerish, colourfull and chic, while the second one is quite laid back and romantic.

Michelle Oosthuizen styled by Ewa Baraniewska, hair & make up by Bianca Hartkopf, shot by Aldona Karczmarczyk.


Maja Salamon styled by Aleksandra Kintop, make up by Agata Kalbarczyk, hair by Klaudia Jaspinska, shot by Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek.


Feeling romantic?

It’s so hot, sultry and stuffy today that I only can wear loose clothes. I also feel quite girly and romantic today. I wanted to mix it all in my new stylization and I think I succedded. What’s your opinion?

I used this loose t-shirt but I think I might put it in the skirt to get a nicer look (loose but not too loose…).  I love quite everything that I used here (I’m not 100% sure about this bag, but it suits this look), especially the snake ring – too bad it costs a small fortune!  (but I will find a cheaper match one day, hopefully )

Full Tilt t-shirt (via amazon)

Opening Ceremony skirt

DressRail wedges

Rebecca Tylor bag

Elise Dray ring

chaoskittens hearts necklace

Disney Couture key necklace

Alexander McQueen scarf

Hiking on Friday

Do you remember that I was hiking this past Friday? Well, I went to Ojcow (a small town near Krakow) and hike all the way to Pieskowa Skala (about 8,5km) and back, taking some photos to share with you. The path I took is a part of The Trail of the Eagels’ Nests – vey beautiful and worth seeing if you ever have a chance to stay in Krakow longer then only to see some main city’s attractions. You can read more about it here.

I have to say – I strongly believe that such days off are pure good for us. It’s a great feeling just to switch off the Internet and society and everything and just go into the Nature and cool. I also think that a great deal of our inspirations for everything, including fashion, comes from nature.

Hope you like looking at those photos as much as I liked my Friday!


Note: All the photos were taken by me. Some of them were edited by Katarzyna Gola.

PS. Yes, that’s my dog in one of the photos.

Block the color this summer!

Award galas done – blogged, gossiped and reviewed. Now it’s time to get back to real blogging 🙂

One of the main trends of this summer (and spring) is color block. I have to admit I didn’t like it at first, mainly because I couldn’t picture myself wearing anything like this. I thought it’s way too colorfull, way too ‘screaming for attention’ and that it’s just too much for one outfit and people are gonna look like clowns wearing it. It took me weeks and lots of exemplary outfits to become reconciled.

I think this (from the lack of a better word) fear originates from character (if we agree that clothes are a way to describe and show oneself to the world). I used to be quite shy and I still don’t like to rivet anyone’s attention (too much of it at least) so this outfit was a definite  no-no for me. But well… summer came and I had a change of heart. Or maybe a change of character too.

Now I think it does not necesserily absorb attention but it’s absolutely the best way for a cool, funky and summer-ish outfit. It inspired this suggestion for a more elegant color block (pink + turqouise + orange) outfit. Summer garden party anyone? C’mon weekend is nearly here!

Rebecca Taylor sand-washed silk-habotai ruffled dress

Vanessa Bruno suede and rope sandals

Palace Blue Kashmir Paisley Silk Scarf (by The Kashmir Company)

Marc by Marc Jacobs natasha leather cross-body bag

The Row round-frame acetate sunglasses

A Kind of Fine alex’s sterling silver coral wrap bracelet

Orange Rhinestone bracelet and earrings (from Archive Vintage)

Note: I’m going hiking for the whole Friday so I won’t be able to moderate your comments until late evening (GMT time). But please, comment anyway – I love reading them 🙂

watermelon obsessed

When it’s so hot I only want to eat watermelons… you?


Note: all images thanks to google pictures

LFW editorials

We all know so much about fashion weeks thanks to press and designers themselves, don’t we? There’s hardly any news left to be introduced to you. I’m not gonna write about shows (it’s pointless as they were about four months ago and we are already gearing for September ones), not about collections (because we already know all pieces by heart), nor gossips (we heard them all). But there’s one thing I didn’t know when I went to LFW and I want to share it with you. Or I didn’t aknowledged it.

TONS OF FREE EDITORIALS. (so next time you are at fashion week, put your hands on them)

Those were special editions of a lot of magazines or special papers available only during LFW. People giving them away were standing all time near the entrance, pushing them into your hands as you walked in. When you walked in there is another bunch of people pressing even more of them into your hands. And if you went shopping during fashion week, Oxford St was full of them too.

The best of them is of course LFW Daily. Official paper of the LFW, published everyday (during fashion week), distributed for free (but you have to be quick to grab yourself a copy!). Unfortunately due to too heavy luggage (hurray London shopping!) I had to throw away copies of all editorials I collected there (apparently, somehow two managed to make it back home with me).

The only two copies marvellously salvaged are: fashion special edition of es magazine and HH magazine.

So take a quick look at them with me and get inspired!

(do you recognise? it’s Anna Dello Russo and Daphne Suzannah Diana Jaon Guiness)

Note: I am really sorry about the poor quality of the photos, they were taken with my mobile phone.

Summer chick wannabe

Heat was almost unbearable this past few days. It didn’t really allow you to think about anything except cold drinks, ice creams, frozen yoghurts and fresh fruits. I wish I was wearing those at the moment…

I need to go shopping soon (but – believe me or not – I don’t have time to dig up stores at the moment!).

Right now – off to start a day with a zumba class (I started a course last week and it’s so funky – gotta tell you all about it)!

PS. Check out this necklace details. It’s by amazing and really talented British (Londonian) designer Philippa Holland. She takes inspiration from pure nature (mainly insects and leaves she collects) and transists it into silver and gold jewelry. Go and check out her site.