Recommendation: Revlon ColorStay foundation

Orginally I wanted to write a lookbook post, but today I have such a lazy day that even my outfit is the laziest (and lamest) ever. Consequently I decided to write about my favourite foundation 😀

I have been on the quest to find the perfert foundation for a while now. Something was always wrong: sometimes the brand didn’t have my tone, sometimes the application was so hard that almost painful, and sometimes it just looked fake no matter what. So I tried and tried and tried… and about half a year ago I came across Revlon ColorStay foundation. Not only they have my tone (I use 180 Sand Beige) but it also does its job really well.

But let me start from the beginning.

Revlon offers two types of ColorStay foundation: for normal/dry skin and for combination/oily skin. Choose the right one as it allows your skin to look flawless and natural (with matte finish) for a long time (they say it lasts about 16 hours after applying. From my experience – it may wear even longer.). They offer 20 shades, so I’m pretty sure everyone will find the perfect match.
ColorStay gives full coverage (I don’t really need to use any concealer now!) and is surprisingly weightless at the same time. However be warned – it really consolidates after 60 seconds, so apply carefully not to leave spots with too much foundation (it gives unnatural, heavy look).
The only disadvantages for me are:
* smell – I bet all Revlon foundations have this alcohol-related smell. I would definitely prefer it to be odourless,
* glass bottle – it’s really, really hard to extract the remainder of the foundation, so as the result there is always some unused left.

Average price: $13, £12,50, PLN65 per 1.0 Fl.Oz/Oz. Liq./30ml
(totally worth it! & a bottle lasts for long – its really efficient)

I am still searching for perfect light-reflecting foundation for summer look, any suggestions?
(I tried Revlon PhotoReady but it gives too luminous look as for me :()