Contest: Chanel your inner lamb


Do you remember how I tell you in the last post about a great project I have to share with you? It’s a wool project and what’s better season to kick it off than autumn (which is really approaching fast!)? Because, believe me, nothing warms you up as a good as a wool clothing! Moreover if you are into fashion (and probably you do) than you just have to know that it’s the middle of the wool week in UK as well (and you can meet real, live sheeps in Oxford Street, London – crazy, no?).

On the photo above I’m wearing my beloved wool scarf. It’s hand made by a friend and was obviously inspired by Gryffindor colors (ages ago I was really, but really into Harry Potter). Below you can see my two wool sweaters. (all photos taken with my mobile phone – sorry! :()

light grey PROMOD knitted sweater with silver ring, from about 2 years ago


dark grey ZARA knitted sweater with leather buttons, from last year

The contest, I want you to take part in, is sponsored by Woolmark and called Find Fashion By Feelings. It aims to promote wool products and inspire young people to create unique, beautiful and fashionable looks. You can find thier site here.

There are to ways to take a part: you can take a photo of yourself wearing a wool piece and upload it to their site (to win AUD  $12,000 holiday and wool experience) – which part I have to skip thanks to my lack of camera (this sucks!); and also by voting for your favourite photos (weekly prize is Emu Australia wool pack worth AUD $400). Yes, it’s really that easy 🙂


unconventional manicure

The day before yesterday I was very inspired by my best friend’s unconventional manicure and pericure. Consequently I decided to do something with my nails too 🙂

I think that such duo-colour nails are very summerish and very ‘holiday-spirit’. However I have to admit I wasn’t sure at the beginning if I can pull that look off, but I feel really good afterwards (even though some people – esp. middle-age and older women – look a bit suspicious at me :P) I will definiately try some other combinations and maybe patterns as well soon.

What do you think about such pedicure? Do you have your own inspirations and ideas for fun manicure?

DEPEND nail polish no. 054 & 115

PROMOD knitted top

CUBUS oversized sweater

* sorry for the quality of photos. My camera is still on holidays *sights*

vintage leather jacket

Just before I went on my short holidays, I’ve started sorting out my stuff – things I need to get rid off before October (THE date!). Somewhere in the depth of my boxroom (or rather ‘boxwardrobe’) I found a vintage leather jacket.

It’s really vintage – from about 25 years ago, and was bought by my parents and never really worn (!) so the quality is overwhelming. Sadly it’s way too big for me and I have to sell it 😦

But still – it’s a great find and I hope someone will embrace it. Wonder what more is waiting for me? And what treasures do you have in your own boxroom? 😉

DIY: friendship bracelets

Recently, I do like million things at once, trying to handle them all the best I can (yes, I try to defend me being super late in posting this. Hope it works.).
For the past, I think three or four days, I did a few DIY friendship bracelets, as they are coming back to fashion world (well, they never actually were off, as always on top in hippie and bohema circles). You can see them in the photos below (I am really sorry about poor quality of photos – I only have a mobile camera right now).

Friendship bracelets were on top when I was in an elementary school, about ten years ago (whoooa, how time flies!). I did a few back then, but as a child got bored quickly, trend passed and I haven’t really thought about it anymore.
It was just a week ago when I found out when they come from. Friendship bracelets are orginally bracelets made by Indians (native American tribes), and there’s a believe that once you wrap one around your friend’s wrist and think a wish, it comes true after the bracelet is worn off (takes time, but if it works, it’s totally worth waiting 😉 ). Are you gonna try? 🙂

I will sell those, made by me (about two more to come), at allegro, but you can email me if you want to buy them (also you can request better quality photos, taken with a camera, from Thursday). They costs £1 each (plus shipping costs, which shoudn’t be much as they are light. I use post to ship.).

Harry Potter premiere @ Trafalgar Square, London

I know I promised you some more information and photos from Haute Couture shows, but yesterday (and partly today) I was haunted by… Harry Potter.

I watched the live world premiere from Trafalgar Square and it absolutely blowned my mind. I’ve been a fan since I can remember really. I grow up with the books and watching them beeing filmed as I am the same age as the main cast. I was such a geek fan that I even run a website and contributed to others for about 3 or 4 years few years back. I knew almost everything about Harry Potter. By the time I grow up I started to have a lot other things to do and think about, but I still remember quite a lot wizardry things.

I have to say, I watched live premieres for four previous movies and this one was so different. Even though WB didn’t bring us dragons nor dementors this time, it was much wilder this time around. Thousends and thousends of people (can you believe some of them camped there for 3 days?!) from all over the world gathered at the Trafalgar and Laicester Squares to see the cast for the very last time.

I was laughing and crying for about four hours live stream. So beautiful, moving and emotional. And it really felt like an end of the era. It actually felt like the end of my childhood and teens. Expecially after watching THIS part (a must-see!). So, so sad.

And now my favourite (female) looks from the premiere. Enjoy!

Emma Watson in Oscar de la Renta gown, Chopard earrings, a Boodles ring and silver Giuseppe Zanotti heels:

Can you id this jacket? Would be such a perfect piece in my wardrobe.. X

Emma Watson at the after party in Ellie Saab dress, Chopard earrings, a Boodles ring and silver Giuseppe Zanotti heels:

Evanna Lynch:

Clemense Poesy:

Bonnie Wright in Miu Miu dress, Miu Miu heels, Prada clutch:

Helena Bonham-Carter (I always adore her style – so quirky and unique):

And my very favourite photo from the premiere: 🙂

Haute Couture Paris FW 11/12

Have you been watching haute couture show this week? If no, you sill have one day of shows left to catch up (and also tons of videos and photos around the Internet from previous days).

I’ve watched the shows… I have to admit watching haute couture is like daydreaming for me. It’s so different from the regular shows and imagining myself having a chance to try some of those – almost princess-esque!

I loved most of the shows. Most of the pieces are really spectacular, well designed and well thought (but as always there were a few misses – but I’m not gonna talk about it now). I just wanna show you quickly some of my favourite pieces. Enjoy!

Giambattista Valli (I LOVE the whole collection really):


Giorgio Armani Prive:

Elie Saab (the whole collection is like cut off from a fairy tale… LOVE):

Jean Paul Gaultier (I definiately would love to wear most of the coats/overwear from this collection):

Valentino (I may call myself a valentino fan after seeing this show):

Alexis Mabille:

So those are just a few styles I like from this haute couture. I have much, much more to show you and discuss (!) but it’s still one more day to go and I haven’t got a chance to re-think my thoughts yet 😉


Emma Watson @ Harpers Bazaar

First the cover of August issue of Vogue US, then cover shoot for Seventeen Magazine, and now this stunning photoshoot for Harpers Bazaar. Three new shots, each of them showing us a different Emma.

The Vogue Emma is elegant, sophisticated, feminine, classy and a bit extravagant in some photos. (I totally love the behind-the-scene video. Go and check it if you haven’t seen it yet. Wonder how are her chickens. Lol.)

The Seventeen Magazine Emma is really just what we used to see. Very teen shot, simple, colourful, girly. Almost Hermionish.

The Harpers Bazaar one is… mixed. Two sides. Almost angel v. devil. We can see Emma in those light stylisations, which are very nice and I totally adore the one where she stands. And we can see her in a totally different angle. Sporting a black, bob wig (which I’m not a fan of) – true femme fatale. It’s quite a new side of her, but she does not amaze by those photos. You can feel it’s all fake (she even admits in the interview that she doesn’t feel good modelling those looks, and you can really feel it by looking at). But see it and assess yourself 🙂