Haute Couture Paris FW 11/12

Have you been watching haute couture show this week? If no, you sill have one day of shows left to catch up (and also tons of videos and photos around the Internet from previous days).

I’ve watched the shows… I have to admit watching haute couture is like daydreaming for me. It’s so different from the regular shows and imagining myself having a chance to try some of those – almost princess-esque!

I loved most of the shows. Most of the pieces are really spectacular, well designed and well thought (but as always there were a few misses – but I’m not gonna talk about it now). I just wanna show you quickly some of my favourite pieces. Enjoy!

Giambattista Valli (I LOVE the whole collection really):


Giorgio Armani Prive:

Elie Saab (the whole collection is like cut off from a fairy tale… LOVE):

Jean Paul Gaultier (I definiately would love to wear most of the coats/overwear from this collection):

Valentino (I may call myself a valentino fan after seeing this show):

Alexis Mabille:

So those are just a few styles I like from this haute couture. I have much, much more to show you and discuss (!) but it’s still one more day to go and I haven’t got a chance to re-think my thoughts yet ūüėČ



Is Sarah Burton new Christopher Bailey?

Burberry was just fine before Christopher Bailey, but when he became a¬†Chief Creative Officer of Burberry in 2009, the brand just exploded. He oversaw the design and development of both London and New York¬†Headquarters. He helped rebranding it by putting pressure on young British celebrities – like Emma Watson who was the face of¬†Burberry¬†for FW 2009 and SS 2010 campaigns. He also promotes British music by Burberry Acoustic project. Alongside Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, he set up the project¬†The Burberry Foundation to help young people realise their potential by art and creativity. Not to mention that he’s a very talented designer. So basically he was the one who, in recent years, led ¬†Burberry to its full glory.

When in 2010 Alexander McQueen committed a suicide everyone wondered who would take care of the brand and what would happen. The whole 2010 and first four months of 2011 were quite silent and nothing extraordinary came from the brand. But it was April 29th, that began the new life of the McQueen house. On April 29th, the whole world was watching and learned that it was Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, who designed the wedding gown for Kate Middleton for her royal wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (and also Kate’s evening dress as well as maid of honour’s).

But only by the recent SS 2012 menswaer collection (and her third for the brand) she’s strenghtened her position as independent designer (but is it what we wanted and expected from her? Or did we wish she only carries McQueen ideas¬†and duplicate them each season?). Quoting Vogue UK she “brought back English rock on the catwalk”. We saw some black, white, coral and crimson mixed in variety of stripes and versality of styles (back from 60s and 70s). The whole collection looks bright and fresh (and not well put together), giving the true London rock’n’roll vibe at the same time. It’s all so Burton but so not McQueen (it certainly lacks his edge, provocation and unique vision). Definiately not something I would expect from¬†this brand, but either way – I like (seems like next summer should be all about fun)!

Some of my favourite pieces (via tfs):

It’s no risk to say that the Alexander McQueen is striking back with full (and new) force. So what’s next for Sarah and McQueen brand? Will she become what Bailey is for¬†Burberry?

LFW editorials

We all know so much about fashion weeks thanks to press and designers themselves, don’t we? There’s hardly any news left to be introduced to you. I’m not gonna write about shows (it’s pointless as they were about four months ago and we are already gearing for September ones), not about collections (because we already know all pieces by heart), nor gossips (we heard them all). But there’s one thing I didn’t know when I went to LFW and I want to share it with you. Or I didn’t aknowledged it.

TONS OF FREE EDITORIALS. (so next time you are at fashion week, put your hands on them)

Those were special editions of a lot of magazines or special papers available only during LFW. People giving them away were standing all time near the entrance, pushing them into your hands as you walked in. When you walked in there is another bunch of people pressing even more of them into your hands. And if you went shopping during fashion week, Oxford St was full of them too.

The best of them is of course LFW Daily. Official paper of the LFW, published everyday (during fashion week), distributed for free (but you have to be quick to grab yourself a copy!). Unfortunately due to too heavy luggage (hurray London shopping!) I had to throw away copies of all editorials I collected there (apparently, somehow two managed to make it back home with me).

The only two copies marvellously salvaged are: fashion special edition of es magazine and HH magazine.

So take a quick look at them with me and get inspired!

(do you recognise? it’s Anna Dello Russo and Daphne Suzannah Diana Jaon Guiness)

Note: I am really sorry about the poor quality of the photos, they were taken with my mobile phone.

My reminiscences of LFW

Massive thank you to all who’s followed me already. But I really cannot believe that only 7 out of +200 readers want this giveaway to happen! C’mon guys ūüôā (for details see my previous post).


Those of you who read my facebook or twitter know that yesterday I cought some kind of memories flow and spent evening contemplating about my February trip to London – yes! LFW!!!

It was my first eye-to-eye contact with a Fashion Week. And well… I had mixed feelings. (Wait. What?! Fashion Weeks are the best thing ever and experiencing them… priceless! Yes, you are right, but… well. Keep reading.)

As some of you know, and some don’t, LFW takes place at Sommerset House (a beautiful bulding with a stunning courtyard in the heart of London). ¬†I arrived there and there was my disappointment. I seriously have no idea what I was expecting. Probably a lot of people, running around, talking fashion, busy to make everything perfect, lots of paparazzi, lots of everything and God knows what more. So when I arrived there, Sommerset House looked like this:

(yes, this small black thing in the middle of my photo is actually a poster of LFW – the only sign…)

I stood for a while, blinking and rearranging my thoughts, thinking that the poster is the only sign of LFW (one of the most important events in a fashion world. You have to be kidding me!!) but then I saw few people distributing special editions of fashion magazines at the entrance. It gave me confidence and I walked in.

Much better, right? They had this huge (enormous) tent pitched at the center of the courtyard. This is a photo from the front (from Strand St), where they also installed this big screen showing the most important caltwalks for people who didn’t get an invitation to the shows (great idea!) (The screen I mean, not lack of invitations).

My second (and last) disappointment – people. This time I know what I was expecting – a bunch of fashionable people talking secretly here and there, lots of photographers and ever more crew, maybe some super famous people as well. The case is – I saw photographers (I’ve never seen more of them at one place actually. There was at least two photographers for each non-photographer. Crazy much?), saw lots of crew, technicians, models… And a lot of freaky people. Well, yeah. There were a lot of people, not fashionable nor chic at all, wearing outfits which just screamed for attention (pathetic). They were wandering around trying too hard to be photographed. It made me so angry, but I guess that’s just how it has to be.

There was also a beautiful Exhibition at Sommerset House linked to LFW (unfortunately I don’t have any photos from there). Over 150 designer brands showcased their collections there. You can read more about it here.

So two diappointments aren’t that much, right? After this cold shower and realizing that no one really cares (there were no buzz in the city, nor even at Strand St) (you just have to be in the fashion world to feel it and get the idea that something very importnat is happaning right near you), the whole week turned to be amazing. And for the end of this oddly long post I will give you a laugh – the best memory of it? No, not the Exhibition (but it was so beautiful), not shows I attended (but they were great), but camping (CAMPING!) in front of Burberry tent just to see people (and CB – well, he’s a person too, but The Person) walking in. ūüôā

Have a nice Saturday and come back tomorrow for part 2 of this post ūüôā