Emma Watson @ Harpers Bazaar

First the cover of August issue of Vogue US, then cover shoot for Seventeen Magazine, and now this stunning photoshoot for Harpers Bazaar. Three new shots, each of them showing us a different Emma.

The Vogue Emma is elegant, sophisticated, feminine, classy and a bit extravagant in some photos. (I totally love the behind-the-scene video. Go and check it if you haven’t seen it yet. Wonder how are her chickens. Lol.)

The Seventeen Magazine Emma is really just what we used to see. Very teen shot, simple, colourful, girly. Almost Hermionish.

The Harpers Bazaar one is… mixed. Two sides. Almost angel v. devil. We can see Emma in those light stylisations, which are very nice and I totally adore the one where she stands. And we can see her in a totally different angle. Sporting a black, bob wig (which I’m not a fan of) – true femme fatale. It’s quite a new side of her, but she does not amaze by those photos. You can feel it’s all fake (she even admits in the interview that she doesn’t feel good modelling those looks, and you can really feel it by looking at). But see it and assess yourself 🙂


Elusive summer editorials

There’s something different in summer editorials. Something imperceptible. Something that makes them so fetching and makes you wanna dive into them and forget that it’s pouring rain and cold outside.

I wanted to share those two editorials with you for quite some time. They are from Polish magazine Twoj Styl, July issue.

The first one is so summerish, colourfull and chic, while the second one is quite laid back and romantic.

Michelle Oosthuizen styled by Ewa Baraniewska, hair & make up by Bianca Hartkopf, shot by Aldona Karczmarczyk.


Maja Salamon styled by Aleksandra Kintop, make up by Agata Kalbarczyk, hair by Klaudia Jaspinska, shot by Zuza Krajewska and Bartek Wieczorek.

Mila Kunis @ Flare

I have had a girl cruch on Mila Kunis since I saw her playing Lily in Black Swan… all those promotional shoots and editorials around the time of the movie promotion. Priceless! And I trurly adore her casual style (who else can look that sexy and chic in sweatpants? and who can rock simple jeans and a white t-shirt combo?) as well as her red carpet choices. Also her brown locks makes me wanna go brunette again.

She haven’t graced any cover in a while so I was so happy to see her at Flare sneak peak from upcoming August issue (I know this news is about 3 days old but I am still just making up for lost, exam time!).

(Lanvin dress, Le Vian earrings, Pamela Love and Cartier bracelets; shot by Tony Duran)

This sneak peak (can’t wait for the whole editorial!) comes with her new movie, comedy co-starring Justin Timberlake, Friends with Benefits (out July 22nd). Which I’m def going to watch!

George Craig @ Indie Magazine

Here you are – the very fresh editorial from upcoming no. 31 of Indie Magazine . It’s a cover story shot by amazing, young, british photographer Pip and the model is George Craig himself (I am pretty sure all fashionistas recognize him from Burberry campaigns – and maybe some others as he is a model signed with Models1, and maybe some of you know that he’s also a singer and frontman in a british indie rock band One Night Only).

I would definiately want the blouse he’s wearing in the cover photo for myself. And the bracelet too.

Also the jacket he’s rocking in the second photo is from Jervoise Jackets. The brand I felt in love with when I first saw their designs over a year ago. You just have to visit their site – you will be mesmerized be the designs and drawings. (it’s actually so inspiring. I think I will do some DIY with old denim when I have time… in July)

And now a video… it’s rather old – from their first album, but I love it so much!

Elle Fanning @ Marie Claire

I was watching Dakota Fanning growing on screen and I have to admit I quite like her acting but I am not so fond of her fahion choices (both candids and red carpets). So when about two years ago I spotted her lil sister (she’s only 13) becoming more and more in the spotlight I was curious what would she turn into.

And I’m pleasently surprised.

I think Elle is slowly growing into a fashion icon herself. Her red carpet choices are fashionable, chic and sometimes risky but she pull them off quite nicely with her angelic face and slim siluette. Also her photoshoots are better every time and the way she speaks about fashion makes me wonder if she sticks to acting or spreads her wings info the fashion world in the future (hope so!).

But right now… I luxuriate in the new Marie Claire photoshoot. Enjoy!

LFW editorials

We all know so much about fashion weeks thanks to press and designers themselves, don’t we? There’s hardly any news left to be introduced to you. I’m not gonna write about shows (it’s pointless as they were about four months ago and we are already gearing for September ones), not about collections (because we already know all pieces by heart), nor gossips (we heard them all). But there’s one thing I didn’t know when I went to LFW and I want to share it with you. Or I didn’t aknowledged it.

TONS OF FREE EDITORIALS. (so next time you are at fashion week, put your hands on them)

Those were special editions of a lot of magazines or special papers available only during LFW. People giving them away were standing all time near the entrance, pushing them into your hands as you walked in. When you walked in there is another bunch of people pressing even more of them into your hands. And if you went shopping during fashion week, Oxford St was full of them too.

The best of them is of course LFW Daily. Official paper of the LFW, published everyday (during fashion week), distributed for free (but you have to be quick to grab yourself a copy!). Unfortunately due to too heavy luggage (hurray London shopping!) I had to throw away copies of all editorials I collected there (apparently, somehow two managed to make it back home with me).

The only two copies marvellously salvaged are: fashion special edition of es magazine and HH magazine.

So take a quick look at them with me and get inspired!

(do you recognise? it’s Anna Dello Russo and Daphne Suzannah Diana Jaon Guiness)

Note: I am really sorry about the poor quality of the photos, they were taken with my mobile phone.