For any enquiries, questions, suggestions and anything, please e-mail me at:

magdalena.kabata <at>


I want to operate this blog on journalist’s ethical principles.

I would not write about your shop nor product if I don’t find it good enough (be prepared for unbiased opinion).

I am always more than happy to recieve samples, press releases and invitations for events. Although I reserve the right not to write about it on my blog if I don’t find it worthy of note.

On this blog I run both: my giveaways and sponsored giveaways. Feel free to donate your product for a giveaway. I am looking forward your ideas for cross-promotion.


3 Comments on “contact”

  1. Lily says:

    So nice!Very chick!
    Fallowing your blog!

  2. jason rhodes says:

    Hello my name Jason I live in the U.S. I would like too get a copy of this Indie Magazine with George Craig on it how do I get a copy of this I cant fing this Indie Magazine here in the U.S thank you very much

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