Word of apology

I really feel like I have to excuse myself and apologize for not blogging for about a month. It was such a busy, stressful time for me that I didn’t even realise so much time passed since I wrote my last post. But let me start from the beginning.

As some of you may know (those who read carefully and also follow my twitter), I graduated from my Uni course on 14th September (hurray!), and then started preparing myself to move to my beloved London. It involved a lot of time, closing all of my affairs and making sure that everything would go smoothly at home when I’m gone (especially ensuring that my dog would be safe and sound with my parents). All paper work also took some time. And the month I had between my graduation and my departure passed almost unnoticed.

When I arrived in London on 14th October I had nothing secured – no place to live, no job to earn money. So I crushed at my friend’s place and was idealistic enough to think that I would find something very quickly (let’s say during a weekend). Obviously I didn’t, and it had taken me so much time, energy, stress and pangs of conscience before I eventually found a place to rent (and from where I’m writing to you at the moment) (well, it took me over a week to find it, but then I could move in on November 1st so I had to crush at my other friend’s place… I was such an unemployed nomad that it was literally depressing). But after two weeks I have my own (ahh, more or less as it’s rented) room and a part-time job with some prospects for better future. The only thing I still haven’t sorted out is my internship as there are apparently no vacancies in companies I’m interested in (fashion PR companies). I trurly hate all this economics and bad market at the moment.

So today I actually have my first free day since I got in London. And it’s free because I don’t need to worry about a place to live, about a job (well, more of less as I still very much need the rest of  full-time employment) and I’m not working today. All of this mean mentally and physically free day, which is a good thing after you was stressed for so long. That’s why I decided it’s high time to go back to blogging (especially as I’m now living in a fashion capital) and explain myself to you.

Today I spend doing totally nothing – I watched a Midnight in Paris and am going to watch another movie (any suggestions?). From my bed. Eating some snacks as I can at the very last afford them after finding a job. Also a perk of living in London is buying a normally priced UK Vogue, which I also intend to keep reading today. And keep dreaming about owning some of the featured clothes, shoes, jewelry…

And in my next post (which will be now very soon, I promise!) I will show you my very first purchase here. I can tell you that it’s a shoe and that it’s nothign you expect!


Yamamay contest – Rome, I heart you!

I know I neglected you a bit this past month and I am terribly sorry for that. But as always, August was quite slow in fashion news (a bunch of my favourites were proceeded on my twitter though) and I was a bit busy with my Uni (with all the paperwork which had to be done before defending a thesis – Septeber 14th is the date! Please, cross your fingers and toes for me. 🙂 ). But September has arrived and a new chapter for fashion world is about to begin soon (are you excited about FNO and FWs?!).

I’ve been also thinking about the direction I want my blog to go and I think I almost have it figured out. I think a bit of design changes and theme changes are coming – what do you think? What would you like to see here? (I was thinking about a lookbook/outfit posts, but I am not really sure and need your opinion!).

Also I’m taking part in a Yamamay contest to win the trip to Rome (I’ve been there once, only for three days over six years ago, and would love to come back and explore a little bit!). Please, please – help me by liking my profile HERE – it will take you only five seconds (click on the link and then click ‘like’ on the right side). And you can take a part as well by creating your own profile and updating it 🙂

Moreover, I have an exciting project to share with you this weekend, so stay tuned!

THE lists and a sneak-peak

Recently, I was very inspired by other people’s plans, dreams, goals, aims… and especially the way they achieve them. So it got me thinking why am I not as successful as they are? Why I haven’t achieved anything I wish for? But wait a minute. What exactly do I wish for?!

Thinking this way, I decided it is high time to decide what I want to achive and write a list. Well, after much consideration – two lists. One for long time goals (let’s call it my bucket list) and one for the things I want to do in the next three months.

The list:
  • write perfect CV in English (and sample motivational letter)
  • learn French at A1/A2 level
  • defend my thesis (September 14th, fingers crossed)
  • stop being a chicken and buy this bloody one-way ticket
  • make a list of things I have to do in Ldn after arrival (eg. apply for NIN)
  • come back to healthy lifestyle (long story to tell you…)
  • but a laptop (any recommendations? I want ASUS but I’m not sure about the model)
  • do more DIY projects
  • ???

The Bucket List:
  • move to London
  • live in Paris and NY for a year
  • visit New Zealand and Thailand
  • buy professional camera
  • work for Vogue and Burberry
  • ???

Well, there are probably a hell lot more things to add (expecially to my bucket list), but I cannot remember them now. I think I will just complete it with time 🙂
I also want to share a sneak peak of what I did today and what I’m gonna write about tomorrow. Here it is. Do You like?

i’m back

First of all, I am so terribly sorry for leaving you all without a word. I didn’t really expect it to happen, so I haven’t written anything in advance.

If you follow my twitter then you might know that there’s a lot happening in my life right now.

Since I wrote my last post, I was a bit ill and no doctor knew what was happening to me as all results were ok. At least one doctor diagnosed me and gave some medications, and well.. we will see if he was right ;p

Also after passing my last exam on June 29th, I tried to find a temporary (3 months long) job in Krakow and I massively failed in that. There’s no fashion industry as such here, no fashion journalism either, actually no job I am interested in, and what’s more depressing other jobs like waitresses or recepcionists – no vacats. So after catching a depression out of that I started helping my mum at her work.

I also figured out that it might be a good time to learn a new language. I always wanted to know French so I started learning it about 3 weeks ago… and it’s tough! I thought it would be easier but I’m determined (I just need more time than I previously thought I need). (fingers crossed here)

And probably the most important thing here. I was struggling with what I want. Let me explain. I’ve always wanted to live in London and work there (in fashion industry or movie industry, hopefully). So as I am just about to finish my studies I can fullfill my dream. Great, right? Right, but… I have SO MANY doubts. I mean I know that’s what I want, but I am so afraid I might loose. I know some people who graduated in June in UK and are struggling to find a job in London. And here I am, graduating at some foreign Uni, while English is not my first language and I don’t really have credentials… and I only have savings to rent a room there for 2 months… you got my point, right? I am so fighting with myself at the moment to buy (autumn pre-sales!) this one-way ticket for October 20th. Encouragement perhaps, please?

So here I am, struggling with all my life at the moment. But I really just want to make time for blogging as I really missed that. I also have so many things to share (starting with this easy recipe for dinner for a cold and rainy day) (continueing through my actual fight with my stuff I need to get rid off before I move to England, I’m putting it on sale – more info soon).



I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now. I was (and am) full of doubts whether I can self-discipline myself to write here daily, take photos and just find ideas to write about. But then bah – brainwave – I wouldn’t find out if I don’t start. And here I am.
Actually I think it will be good for me to oblige myself to do it, as I recently maintain the lack of focus and will and whatsoever. Simultaneously I have quite a lot to tell and I don’t want to bore all of my friends to death with my spiel.
As for what to expect here, please visit about me page.

Later today, for my first ever substantial post, I will share the recipe for delicious (and easy to make) croissants.

Note: All photos published here are taken (by me) using Canon PowerShot A95, as I’m currently saving money for a proper camera ;p