New in: metallic sneakers

As I try to do a lot of walking I was in need of comfortable footwear (I won’t be to stressed of damaging). Since I can remember I wanted Converse sneakers – so cool and oh so expensive and posh, right? Well, that’s exactly why I don’t want them so much anymore (becouse every teen and almost every other person is wearing them…).

I came across those sneakers when I was shopping for shoes to my work (black flats, will show them to you soon) and I somehow felt in love with them.

As every sneakers they are supercomfortable (eco leather is extremly soft, I was so surprised when I touched them), and because they are metallic they add some interesting theme to every outfit (even most boring ‘all-black’ ones), and the buckles at the back? J’adore!

atmosphere sneakers – 8 GBP


Running shoes

Have you ever moved to another country and tried to fit all your stuff to a suitcase? If yes, than you know it’s impossible to take every thing you may need and still fit to airlane’s weight limits. Especially if you decide to move just before autumn/winter and need to take sweaters, boots and coat… I still miss eg. a hair-dryer or a few extra sweaters so I don’t need to put on the same three again and again…

The thing I didn’t take with me as well from home was sports footwear. I destroyed my pair at home just before taking off and decided not to buy new as they are too heavy to drag with me. So last week I was more than pleased when I found out that a sports store on my way home is having a sale. I bought those lovely running shoes with a -30% discount, paying the prize which was less than I would have paid for such shoes back in Poland (~25 pounds).

They are really great – look and feel perfect on my feet. They have breathability and are very comfy; designed especially for running, fitness and cross training. Ligh shoe, good grip. Those are my first Puma’s but I am extremly pleased with them (too bad it got way too cold to run outside right now and I’m still too poor to waste money on a gym :/).

Funny thing about them? I seemingly bought a men’s type as women’s is in pink (mine are navy & white) – design is the same and they apparently had masculine (teenagers) ones in size 5. I find them way prettier than regular feminine pink ones!

Puma Tazon 4 in white/navy