Countryside gate-away

The weather is so nice recently that I decided to pack myself and my dog and spend a few days in my grandpa’s summer cottage, in a place where I spent a lot of time during my childhood. Last time I was there, was two years ago, so a lot of new things and changes were waiting for me.

First of all – I almost didn’t recognize the train station as it is currently being renowated, thanks to EU funds for upcoming 2012 events.

Then the village itself – whoa! Really, looks more like a modern village now then a true countryside I remembered from years ago (*sights*). But still, very enjoyable.

I spent there full three days and was so busy doing exactly nothing (and eating a lot of my grandma’s fabulous cooking) that I didn’t take much photos. (I have to admit I had no idea how much I was exhausted and stressed until I was there and was allowed to stop thinking and just enjoy my life).

Probably the best surprise was the new dog female, my grandpa’s neighbours bought about a year ago. My dog was totally mersmerized and they were both so happy to have each other. They are really look-a-like and have the same crazy, vivid character.

As I mentioned before, I didn’t take much photos being very busy with resting and just socializing with grandparents, but I think I might come back there for a few days again later this month, so I will take more to show you. Right now – two more snaps of the garden.

Hope you are also having a great weekend and plucking up your forces 🙂