My English breakfast

I’ve always known that porridge is a trurly English breakfast (but I also learned that they have the second true English breakfast – can you guess what is it? Hint: it looks more like a lunch/dinner). And I always like a good porridge. However as you may know if you have ever prepared one – it’s tricky to know how much milk should be added to oats to receive a perfect consistency. Well, at least I always had problem with it and added to less milk just to add some more, and maybe some more and to recieve in most cases too thin porridge at the end of my struggle.

So my biggest and best breakfast find here (so far) is Oat So Simple by Quaker Oats (which is funny because that’s an american manufacturer located in Chicago. Yet I think it’s the most popular oats brand here.).

However as I still convert all prices to Polish currency, I would never ever spend 3 pounds on a pack (even though it contains 16/20 sachets). So I was more than happy when my local tesco express had a bargain on those and half-priced them! Now I have two packages (original and golden syrup) which should last me for next month and a half ๐Ÿ™‚

Good thing about them is – they really are ‘oh, so simple’ and you recieve the perfect consistency without even thinking about it while preparing. All it takes is to tear a sachet where shown, put oats in a bowl and pour milk (fiy: I use soy milk) into a sachet until it reaches shown level (overprint on a back side of a sachet).

Then you put a bowl with your oats and milk in a microwave and it takes 2 minutes (or in a case of my microwave 3) and you can relish with a delicious and healthy porridge for you breakfast (or any other meal honestly). (You can also of course prepare it without a microwave. Just heat your milk, pour in a bowl, stir and let oats soak up.)

Original ones are really good and tastes like a normal porridge. You can add to it whatever you want to flavoured them in a way you like (eg. maple syrup, fruits, chocolate). While golden syrup ones have a gentle taste of (of course) golden syrup. They are a bit sweet, but it’s mild so you don’t find your breakfast being your dessert. Say hello to healty and tasty breakfasts! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you only have a chance to try them – I highly reccommend. Oats so simpleย range has also other tastes, I only tried apple & blueberry, but there are as well: mango & passionfruit, rapsberry & pomegranate, sultans & raisins & cranberry & apple, honey & almond, sweet cinamon. Ahhh, I hope they will be discounted some time soon as well. I crave for them ๐Ÿ˜‰


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