Word of apology

I really feel like I have to excuse myself and apologize for not blogging for about a month. It was such a busy, stressful time for me that I didn’t even realise so much time passed since I wrote my last post. But let me start from the beginning.

As some of you may know (those who read carefully and also follow my twitter), I graduated from my Uni course on 14th September (hurray!), and then started preparing myself to move to my beloved London. It involved a lot of time, closing all of my affairs and making sure that everything would go smoothly at home when I’m gone (especially ensuring that my dog would be safe and sound with my parents). All paper work also took some time. And the month I had between my graduation and my departure passed almost unnoticed.

When I arrived in London on 14th October I had nothing secured – no place to live, no job to earn money. So I crushed at my friend’s place and was idealistic enough to think that I would find something very quickly (let’s say during a weekend). Obviously I didn’t, and it had taken me so much time, energy, stress and pangs of conscience before I eventually found a place to rent (and from where I’m writing to you at the moment) (well, it took me over a week to find it, but then I could move in on November 1st so I had to crush at my other friend’s place… I was such an unemployed nomad that it was literally depressing). But after two weeks I have my own (ahh, more or less as it’s rented) room and a part-time job with some prospects for better future. The only thing I still haven’t sorted out is my internship as there are apparently no vacancies in companies I’m interested in (fashion PR companies). I trurly hate all this economics and bad market at the moment.

So today I actually have my first free day since I got in London. And it’s free because I don’t need to worry about a place to live, about a job (well, more of less as I still very much need the rest of  full-time employment) and I’m not working today. All of this mean mentally and physically free day, which is a good thing after you was stressed for so long. That’s why I decided it’s high time to go back to blogging (especially as I’m now living in a fashion capital) and explain myself to you.

Today I spend doing totally nothing – I watched a Midnight in Paris and am going to watch another movie (any suggestions?). From my bed. Eating some snacks as I can at the very last afford them after finding a job. Also a perk of living in London is buying a normally priced UK Vogue, which I also intend to keep reading today. And keep dreaming about owning some of the featured clothes, shoes, jewelry…

And in my next post (which will be now very soon, I promise!) I will show you my very first purchase here. I can tell you that it’s a shoe and that it’s nothign you expect!


4 Comments on “Word of apology”

  1. Robert says:

    I cannot feel I “forgot” to study your blog due to the fact I found it 3 months earlier. As well busy with function I guess. Anyways I have it bookmarked now to be confident that I get notified as soon as you place some new content up.

  2. Sorcha says:

    Aw, I hope things pick up for you soon! I’m sure they will 🙂

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