unconventional manicure

The day before yesterday I was very inspired by my best friend’s unconventional manicure and pericure. Consequently I decided to do something with my nails too 🙂

I think that such duo-colour nails are very summerish and very ‘holiday-spirit’. However I have to admit I wasn’t sure at the beginning if I can pull that look off, but I feel really good afterwards (even though some people – esp. middle-age and older women – look a bit suspicious at me :P) I will definiately try some other combinations and maybe patterns as well soon.

What do you think about such pedicure? Do you have your own inspirations and ideas for fun manicure?

DEPEND nail polish no. 054 & 115

PROMOD knitted top

CUBUS oversized sweater

* sorry for the quality of photos. My camera is still on holidays *sights*


4 Comments on “unconventional manicure”

  1. That looks so pretty 🙂

  2. You my buddy are a genius

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