DIY: friendship bracelets

Recently, I do like million things at once, trying to handle them all the best I can (yes, I try to defend me being super late in posting this. Hope it works.).
For the past, I think three or four days, I did a few DIY friendship bracelets, as they are coming back to fashion world (well, they never actually were off, as always on top in hippie and bohema circles). You can see them in the photos below (I am really sorry about poor quality of photos – I only have a mobile camera right now).

Friendship bracelets were on top when I was in an elementary school, about ten years ago (whoooa, how time flies!). I did a few back then, but as a child got bored quickly, trend passed and I haven’t really thought about it anymore.
It was just a week ago when I found out when they come from. Friendship bracelets are orginally bracelets made by Indians (native American tribes), and there’s a believe that once you wrap one around your friend’s wrist and think a wish, it comes true after the bracelet is worn off (takes time, but if it works, it’s totally worth waiting 😉 ). Are you gonna try? 🙂

I will sell those, made by me (about two more to come), at allegro, but you can email me if you want to buy them (also you can request better quality photos, taken with a camera, from Thursday). They costs £1 each (plus shipping costs, which shoudn’t be much as they are light. I use post to ship.).


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