THE lists and a sneak-peak

Recently, I was very inspired by other people’s plans, dreams, goals, aims… and especially the way they achieve them. So it got me thinking why am I not as successful as they are? Why I haven’t achieved anything I wish for? But wait a minute. What exactly do I wish for?!

Thinking this way, I decided it is high time to decide what I want to achive and write a list. Well, after much consideration – two lists. One for long time goals (let’s call it my bucket list) and one for the things I want to do in the next three months.

The list:
  • write perfect CV in English (and sample motivational letter)
  • learn French at A1/A2 level
  • defend my thesis (September 14th, fingers crossed)
  • stop being a chicken and buy this bloody one-way ticket
  • make a list of things I have to do in Ldn after arrival (eg. apply for NIN)
  • come back to healthy lifestyle (long story to tell you…)
  • but a laptop (any recommendations? I want ASUS but I’m not sure about the model)
  • do more DIY projects
  • ???

The Bucket List:
  • move to London
  • live in Paris and NY for a year
  • visit New Zealand and Thailand
  • buy professional camera
  • work for Vogue and Burberry
  • ???

Well, there are probably a hell lot more things to add (expecially to my bucket list), but I cannot remember them now. I think I will just complete it with time 🙂
I also want to share a sneak peak of what I did today and what I’m gonna write about tomorrow. Here it is. Do You like?

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