Recipe: tea pound cake

I wanted to bake this cake for a long time now. Out of curiosity how a cake with tea leaves can turn out and taste.

The key point for this one is to use aromatic tea leaves such as those from Earl Grey or Lady Grey tea-bags. However even then your cake doesn’t have decisive tea taste, it’s rather delicate and I can quarantee – no one guesses this ingredient. But as long as I knew I swear to you I could taste it at the end of my tongue (but only me out of five people…).

Even though (even though the tea taste is not a strong one) this pound cake is really tasty. Delicate and sublime. Easy and quick to bake (just remember that all ingredients should be in the same room temperature and don’t mix then too long). Try this one for your afternoon tea!

For a 1,2 litre tin.

200g plain flour

50g potato flour

150g sugar

130g butter

4 eggs

4 tbsp* milk

2tsp** baking powder

1tsp** vanilla extract

3 tsp** dry, fine tea leaves (Earl Gray or Lady Grey are the best)

Pound butter until fluffy. Add sugar and pound again. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing after each. Add both flours, baking powder, milk and vanilla extract while mixing. (Mix only until ingredients are combined.)

Prepare baking tin (eg. oil it and pour out with crumbs). Fill it up with dough until reaches 3/4 height.

Bake for about 40 minutes in a preheated 190ºC oven (160ºC for first 15 minutes). Let cool.

* 1 tbsp = 15ml

** 1 tsp = 5ml


2 Comments on “Recipe: tea pound cake”

  1. Sorcha says:

    Ooh, I would have never thought to make tea cake! Sounds like one I definitely need to try!

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