Emma Watson @ Harpers Bazaar

First the cover of August issue of Vogue US, then cover shoot for Seventeen Magazine, and now this stunning photoshoot for Harpers Bazaar. Three new shots, each of them showing us a different Emma.

The Vogue Emma is elegant, sophisticated, feminine, classy and a bit extravagant in some photos. (I totally love the behind-the-scene video. Go and check it if you haven’t seen it yet. Wonder how are her chickens. Lol.)

The Seventeen Magazine Emma is really just what we used to see. Very teen shot, simple, colourful, girly. Almost Hermionish.

The Harpers Bazaar one is… mixed. Two sides. Almost angel v. devil. We can see Emma in those light stylisations, which are very nice and I totally adore the one where she stands. And we can see her in a totally different angle. Sporting a black, bob wig (which I’m not a fan of) – true femme fatale. It’s quite a new side of her, but she does not amaze by those photos. You can feel it’s all fake (she even admits in the interview that she doesn’t feel good modelling those looks, and you can really feel it by looking at). But see it and assess yourself 🙂


One Comment on “Emma Watson @ Harpers Bazaar”

  1. sienna says:

    emma looks gorg

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