George Craig @ Indie Magazine

Here you are – the very fresh editorial from upcoming no. 31 of Indie Magazine . It’s a cover story shot by amazing, young, british photographer Pip and the model is George Craig himself (I am pretty sure all fashionistas recognize him from Burberry campaigns – and maybe some others as he is a model signed with Models1, and maybe some of you know that he’s also a singer and frontman in a british indie rock band One Night Only).

I would definiately want the blouse he’s wearing in the cover photo for myself. And the bracelet too.

Also the jacket he’s rocking in the second photo is from Jervoise Jackets. The brand I felt in love with when I first saw their designs over a year ago. You just have to visit their site – you will be mesmerized be the designs and drawings. (it’s actually so inspiring. I think I will do some DIY with old denim when I have time… in July)

And now a video… it’s rather old – from their first album, but I love it so much!


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