Feeling romantic?

It’s so hot, sultry and stuffy today that I only can wear loose clothes. I also feel quite girly and romantic today. I wanted to mix it all in my new stylization and I think I succedded. What’s your opinion?

I used this loose t-shirt but I think I might put it in the skirt to get a nicer look (loose but not too loose…).  I love quite everything that I used here (I’m not 100% sure about this bag, but it suits this look), especially the snake ring – too bad it costs a small fortune!  (but I will find a cheaper match one day, hopefully )

Full Tilt t-shirt (via amazon)

Opening Ceremony skirt

DressRail wedges

Rebecca Tylor bag

Elise Dray ring

chaoskittens hearts necklace

Disney Couture key necklace

Alexander McQueen scarf


3 Comments on “Feeling romantic?”

  1. It is perfect to your hot weather! You are showing that we can be so stylish until in hot period!!!! And it is so romantic!!! I loved!!


  2. noirai says:

    I love the scarf! 🙂

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