Reccomendation: Henna Treatment Wax – the hair mask


We all want to have beautiful, bushy and shiny hair. And even if we do have, we want them to be  even better. Quite normal for our vain human nature.

I always had great looking hair and had absolutely no problem with them, so no matter what I was using they always looked nice. Obviously I used this and that to make them more shiny, more bushy, less damaged, but quite every product worked for me, consequently I didn’t need to look into that stuff too much.

Everything changed about six months ago, when I’ve started having this massive problem with hair coming out literally by the handful. I quite paniced and started taking some pills with vitamins B (mostly it’s the lack of B12 that causes hair loss), it worked as my hair stopped coming out, but I wanted them to be really bushy again. I talked to my hairdresser and she told me about the Henna Treatment Wax hair mask. Now I am a huge fan of this product.

As I had quite a big problem with my hair condtion I started using the mask quite often (once every four days) and after 2 months only once a week. After those two months my hair are shiny and healthy, and I think I see a lot of new hair growing (but obviously it will be more visible in next few months. Fingers corssed!).

The Henna Treatment Wax products are on the market for over 20 years. In Poland they are distributed by Pilomax, but they are produced in Great Britain by Richards & Appleby Ltd. (the container looks slightly different there). They have a lot of products (shampoos, conditioners, ect.) but I only used their hair mask (the one for blonde hair actually). And that’s what you can read about it in the description from mine product:

This is the original henna wax treatment for BLONDES or HIGHLIGHTENED Hair. This formula is made from the finest ingredients including Camomille and is specially produced for blonde hair. Pure henna is extracted from Lawsonia (henna plant) leaves and produces excellent qualities for a deep penetrating hair conditioner. Builds hairs strength from the inside out conditioning from root to tip! It permiates through the hair shaft to the cortex to repair damage caused by excessive overheating, overstyling with styling appliances, bleaching, perming, helps to combat weathering, dryness and fights frizz. Use regularly for lustrous looking hair. THIS PRODUCT WILL NOT ADD COLOUR OR CHANGE THE COLOUR OF YOUR HAIR!

I totally agree with it. The only minus (or maybe not) is that (after massaging in your head skin and hair) you have to leave it for 30 minutes, preferably wrapping your head in a warm towel (the mask is working better when keeps in warm). And after you wash it off and dry your hair they are slightly different in structure (you don’t use additional conditioner) – I actually don’t mind that (well, until I have a very important meeting and I want to use eg. volumizing conditoner – so you get the idea).


Average price:  £4.75/PLN22,12 per 240g container

(available in 480g, 240g, 70g containers)

Note: In Poland you can only buy it at a chemist’s shop (no idea how it’s in the other countries).


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