SFA 2011 fashion

This year’s SFA (Scottish Fashion Awards) took place yesterday… and I am quite disappointed by the red carpet looks. I am honestly wondering if all fashion awards became suddenly unformal events somehow (and I missed that moment?!!)? Because it’s what you may feel after seeing outfits presented at CFDA and SFA galas.

Those are FASHION awards, so you might expect to see some spectacular outfits, right? No. But if you did, you are (like me) undoubtfully disappointed. We saw some great pieces – rarely. Mostly we witnessed women lost in the concept of those award shows, trying to look nice (and most of them succedded) but at the same time improper for the occasion (but it was already widely debated in the comments in CFDA post).

Here… I do love Tessa Harman’s dress and Hilary Alexander’s necklace, but their outfits in general – not so much. But then I think that Dame Shirley Bassey, Julia Hannah, Louise Linton (well, here, she might have overachieved the evening look 😉 ), Lulu, Nina Porter and Yasmin got it right 🙂

Julia Hannah

Dame Shirley Bassey: custom Graeme Black dress

Freya Mavor: Pringle of Scotland dress

Laura Whitmore


Samantha Cameron (left): Christopher Kane SS11 dress, Jimmy Choo heels

Tessa Harman (right): Holly Fulton dress

Laura MaMonagle

Hilary Alexander

Lizzie Cundy


Louise Linton

Bip Ling

Noelle Ren

Nina Porter: Roksanda dress


4 Comments on “SFA 2011 fashion”

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  2. beyondanomie says:

    Good post. I’d say that at the least, an evening awards show merits something approximating a full-length outfit!

    This would be no more than the modernised equivalent to traditional evening formalwear, which seems about right to me.

    PS. I agree with your choices, too!

    • madeleine says:

      Thank you very much 🙂

      Yeah, I hoped to see some designers gowns that cannot be seen on any other occasion, not to mention long dresses.The world is going wrong direction…

  3. Kimberly says:

    definitely love yasmin’s look she looks gorgeous!


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