Elle Fanning @ Marie Claire

I was watching Dakota Fanning growing on screen and I have to admit I quite like her acting but I am not so fond of her fahion choices (both candids and red carpets). So when about two years ago I spotted her lil sister (she’s only 13) becoming more and more in the spotlight I was curious what would she turn into.

And I’m pleasently surprised.

I think Elle is slowly growing into a fashion icon herself. Her red carpet choices are fashionable, chic and sometimes risky but she pull them off quite nicely with her angelic face and slim siluette. Also her photoshoots are better every time and the way she speaks about fashion makes me wonder if she sticks to acting or spreads her wings info the fashion world in the future (hope so!).

But right now… I luxuriate in the new Marie Claire photoshoot. Enjoy!


4 Comments on “Elle Fanning @ Marie Claire”

  1. Tiease says:

    i LOVE THE IMAGES OF Dakota they are beautiful. Where is your follow me button on this page? Anyway please follow me back at

  2. I’m agree with you. Elle Fanning is adoreble!

  3. Angela Donava says:

    Les photos sont splendides!:)
    Angela Donava

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