Hiking on Friday

Do you remember that I was hiking this past Friday? Well, I went to Ojcow (a small town near Krakow) and hike all the way to Pieskowa Skala (about 8,5km) and back, taking some photos to share with you. The path I took is a part of The Trail of the Eagels’ Nests – vey beautiful and worth seeing if you ever have a chance to stay in Krakow longer then only to see some main city’s attractions. You can read more about it here.

I have to say – I strongly believe that such days off are pure good for us. It’s a great feeling just to switch off the Internet and society and everything and just go into the Nature and cool. I also think that a great deal of our inspirations for everything, including fashion, comes from nature.

Hope you like looking at those photos as much as I liked my Friday!


Note: All the photos were taken by me. Some of them were edited by Katarzyna Gola.

PS. Yes, that’s my dog in one of the photos.


One Comment on “Hiking on Friday”

  1. Really amazed by your photos! What an adventure. Wish I could come along..

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