Recipe: all times favourite PIZZA

… because we all have to eat sometimes, don’t we? 😉

Some time ago I heard that people can be divided into two types. Those who like pizza on a thick pastry and those who like it on thin. I definitely like the thin one and that’s the best recipe I managed to try in my life (and I’m not looking for a new one anymore). It’s best not only because it’s delicious but also because it’s rather quick to make (dough doesn’t need to rise).

Makes a 32 x 38 cm pizza

300g flour

1 tsp* salt

3 tbsp** olive oil (sometimes I also use rice oil)

7g yeast

1/2 – 2/3 cup*** of warm water

Put all the dry ingredients into a pan, slowly pour water and knead the dough. If you use mixer 5 min should be enough, if you do it by hands knead for about 10min, until the dough is flexible and doesn’t cling to your hands (you may need a bit more water or flour though – depends on flour you use).

When you knead it well, leave for about 5 min and then roll 32 x 38 cm rectangle. Put your favourite ingredients on (at my pizza: my best pizza sauce

, champignons, 1/3 can of sweet corn, big zucchini, mozzarella) and bake for 25min in 200ºC.

My best pizza sauce (to smear on the dough):

can of tomatoes

chili cayenne (1/3 tsp*)

herbal pepper (1/2 tsp*)

green tabasco sauce (2 tsps*)

oregano (1-2 tbsp**)

basil (1-2 tbsp**)

garlic (1 tsp*)

Open the can and put the content into a pan, add all herbs (as much as you like) and fry until all liquid evaporate.

* 1 tsp = 5ml

** 1 tbsp = 15ml

*** 1 cup = 250ml


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