Block the color this summer!

Award galas done – blogged, gossiped and reviewed. Now it’s time to get back to real blogging 🙂

One of the main trends of this summer (and spring) is color block. I have to admit I didn’t like it at first, mainly because I couldn’t picture myself wearing anything like this. I thought it’s way too colorfull, way too ‘screaming for attention’ and that it’s just too much for one outfit and people are gonna look like clowns wearing it. It took me weeks and lots of exemplary outfits to become reconciled.

I think this (from the lack of a better word) fear originates from character (if we agree that clothes are a way to describe and show oneself to the world). I used to be quite shy and I still don’t like to rivet anyone’s attention (too much of it at least) so this outfit was a definite  no-no for me. But well… summer came and I had a change of heart. Or maybe a change of character too.

Now I think it does not necesserily absorb attention but it’s absolutely the best way for a cool, funky and summer-ish outfit. It inspired this suggestion for a more elegant color block (pink + turqouise + orange) outfit. Summer garden party anyone? C’mon weekend is nearly here!

Rebecca Taylor sand-washed silk-habotai ruffled dress

Vanessa Bruno suede and rope sandals

Palace Blue Kashmir Paisley Silk Scarf (by The Kashmir Company)

Marc by Marc Jacobs natasha leather cross-body bag

The Row round-frame acetate sunglasses

A Kind of Fine alex’s sterling silver coral wrap bracelet

Orange Rhinestone bracelet and earrings (from Archive Vintage)

Note: I’m going hiking for the whole Friday so I won’t be able to moderate your comments until late evening (GMT time). But please, comment anyway – I love reading them 🙂


One Comment on “Block the color this summer!”

  1. Emma says:

    I agree wasn’t too keen on the whole colour blocking trend at first either and their is still some outfits I wouldn’t dream of wearing but I could defo manage an outfit like this. Great choices 🙂

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