Mila Kunis @ Flare

I have had a girl cruch on Mila Kunis since I saw her playing Lily in Black Swan… all those promotional shoots and editorials around the time of the movie promotion. Priceless! And I trurly adore her casual style (who else can look that sexy and chic in sweatpants? and who can rock simple jeans and a white t-shirt combo?) as well as her red carpet choices. Also her brown locks makes me wanna go brunette again.

She haven’t graced any cover in a while so I was so happy to see her at Flare sneak peak from upcoming August issue (I know this news is about 3 days old but I am still just making up for lost, exam time!).

(Lanvin dress, Le Vian earrings, Pamela Love and Cartier bracelets; shot by Tony Duran)

This sneak peak (can’t wait for the whole editorial!) comes with her new movie, comedy co-starring Justin Timberlake, Friends with Benefits (out July 22nd). Which I’m def going to watch!


Recipe: Crunchy Peanut Butter Cookies

I’m baaaack ūüôā Let’s hope I passed my last exam today (results should be in 3-4hours) and meanwhile enjoy this delicious post.¬†I am super late with this one as I baked them for Father’s Day over a week ago.

The peanut butter is noticeable and cookies are shortbread but with a chewing inside. They are really easy to prepare but obviously take some time (for modelling and baking as you probably need to do it in shifts).

Makes about 36 cookies.

1/2 cup* sugar

1/2 cup* brown sugar

1/2 tsp** salt

115g butter

115g peanut butter

1 egg

1/2 tsp** vanilla extract

1 cup* flour

1 tsp** baking soda

Mix both sugars, salt, and both butters until creamy and fluffy. Add egg, vanilla extract and mix again. Add flour and baking soda and mix.

Dough is quite gunge. You may put it in the fridge for a little while. Model into balls (< walnuts size) with floured hands. Arrange them in large distance and flatten using fork.

Bake for about 7 minutes in a preheated¬†200¬ļC oven. Wait before pulling down as they are really soft and fregile. Let cool.

* 1 cup = 250ml

** 1 tsp = 5ml

Is Sarah Burton new Christopher Bailey?

Burberry was just fine before Christopher Bailey, but when he became a¬†Chief Creative Officer of Burberry in 2009, the brand just exploded. He oversaw the design and development of both London and New York¬†Headquarters. He helped rebranding it by putting pressure on young British celebrities – like Emma Watson who was the face of¬†Burberry¬†for FW 2009 and SS 2010 campaigns. He also promotes British music by Burberry Acoustic project. Alongside Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, he set up the project¬†The Burberry Foundation to help young people realise their potential by art and creativity. Not to mention that he’s a very talented designer. So basically he was the one who, in recent years, led ¬†Burberry to its full glory.

When in 2010 Alexander McQueen committed a suicide everyone wondered who would take care of the brand and what would happen. The whole 2010 and first four months of 2011 were quite silent and nothing extraordinary came from the brand. But it was April 29th, that began the new life of the McQueen house. On April 29th, the whole world was watching and learned that it was Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen, who designed the wedding gown for Kate Middleton for her royal wedding to Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (and also Kate’s evening dress as well as maid of honour’s).

But only by the recent SS 2012 menswaer collection (and her third for the brand) she’s strenghtened her position as independent designer (but is it what we wanted and expected from her? Or did we wish she only carries McQueen ideas¬†and duplicate them each season?). Quoting Vogue UK she “brought back English rock on the catwalk”. We saw some black, white, coral and crimson mixed in variety of stripes and versality of styles (back from 60s and 70s). The whole collection looks bright and fresh (and not well put together), giving the true London rock’n’roll vibe at the same time. It’s all so Burton but so not McQueen (it certainly lacks his edge, provocation and unique vision). Definiately not something I would expect from¬†this brand, but either way – I like (seems like next summer should be all about fun)!

Some of my favourite pieces (via tfs):

It’s no risk to say that the Alexander McQueen is striking back with full (and new) force. So what’s next for Sarah and McQueen brand? Will she become what Bailey is for¬†Burberry?

H&M collaborates… with Versace

H&M’s collaborations became quite famous and causes a lot of fuss every time the new designer is supposed to be unveiled (eg. it was rumored that this fall collaboration might be with Bottega Veneta).

It all started in November 2004 when the brand offered first diffusion lines’ pieces (in selected stores) designed by ¬†Karl Lagerfeld. It was followed by the collections by Stella McCartney in November 2005 and by Victor & Rolf in November 2006.

However in, this time, March 2007 H&M collaborated with pop queen herself – Madonna, only to collaborate with game developers Maxin in June to create The Sims 2 collection.

But in November 2007 the brand was back with some high-octane fashion, new pieces designed by Roberto Cavalli. In 2007 they also launched a line designed by Minogue (but available only in China).

By the time in 2008 H&M teamed up with exclusive (and unfortunately underrater in Europe) brand Comme des Garçons.

In 2009 we had a pleasure to have two lines designed by Matthew Williamson (one of my favourite designers!) – one for women and one for men (for the first time). Also in 2009 the brand launched collection of shoes and handbags by Jimmy Choo, and also some pieces of clothing designed by him. Sonia Rykiel collaboration was in 2009 as well, the line included ladies knitwear and lingerie.

In November 2010 we had a pleasure to buy some Lanvin, as it was the next collaboration.

For SS 2011 the brand teamed up with blogger¬†Elin Kling, only to collaborate with… Versace for its newest collection! (in selected stores in November).

So… are you as excited to see new Donatella’s designs of iconic pieces as I am?

George Craig @ Indie Magazine

Here you are – the very fresh editorial from upcoming no. 31 of¬†Indie Magazine¬†. It’s a cover story shot by amazing, young, british photographer Pip and the model is George Craig himself (I am pretty sure all fashionistas recognize him from Burberry campaigns – and maybe some others as he is a model signed with Models1, and maybe some of you know that he’s also a singer and frontman in a british indie rock band One Night Only).

I would definiately want the blouse he’s wearing in the cover photo for myself. And the bracelet too.

Also the jacket he’s rocking in the second photo is from Jervoise Jackets. The brand I felt in love with when I first saw their designs over a year ago. You just have to visit their site – you will be mesmerized be the designs and drawings. (it’s actually so inspiring. I think I will do some DIY with old denim when I have time… in July)

And now a video… it’s rather old – from their first album, but I love it so much!

Royal Ascot 2011 fashion

It’s the most formal and fabulous event of the summer – Royal Ascot – and the dress code is strict and the fashion ante is set to high octane.

Everyone knows the golden rules‚Ķ¬†DO¬†wear a hat and¬†DON’T¬†swear in front of the Queen.

The Royal Ascot, which takes place annually in UK, is now over and it’s time for a quick fashion review. Judging by the photos one may feel that horse rides aren’t the most important during the five-day-long event. Eg. during the Ladies Day (this year 16.06) every woman who has self-respect wear the Hat. Not any hat. A hat which is the most original (all colors and cuts allowed) and beautiful one so she is featured in the papers afterwards. Consequently we have a great laugh watching the press and looking at, sometimes ridiculous, hats.


Isabell Kristensen

Holly Valance

Jackie St Clair

Danielle Linekar

Camille The Dutchess of Cornwall

Princess Sohie of Wessex

Princess Anne of Wessex

The Queen

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York

Amanda Holden and Simon Cowell

Anneka Tanaka-Svenska



16.06 (Ladies Day)

Carole Middleton

Milliner David Shilling


Princess Eugenie of York

Dame Shirley Bassey

The Queen and the Duke Of Edinburgh



The Queen and the Duchess of Devonshire


So… how do YOU feel about the Royal Ascot fashion? It certainly is interesting. The royalty mostly succedded to be elegant and not funny (props to Princesses of York for huge step ahead since Royal Wedding in April). But what about others?

In my opinion some outfits in general and some hats in particular are great and some are just terrible – just like at any other event one may say.

I felt in love with¬†Isabell Kristensen hat worn by designer herself – I can totally imagine myself wearing it. Also peacock themed hat is really beautiful… but hat’s with whole miniature birds sticked to them? No way. Also a huge no-no to an iHat, a balloon hat, a hat with teacups, and all hats which are way bigger than a head, or even in a size of a one’s torso. Ridiculous. It’s not a fancy-dress ball after all.

But thinking about Royal Ascot… I think I may even make a fool of myself and wear a funny hat if it was a condition to get an invitation and one of those hats ūüėČ

Photo credits: Mark Large/Getty Images/Ap/PA/EPA/Splash/Wire Images/Rex Features/Goff Photos

Feeling romantic?

It’s so hot, sultry and stuffy today that I only can wear loose clothes. I also feel quite girly and romantic today. I wanted to mix it all in my new stylization and I think I succedded. What’s your opinion?

I used this loose t-shirt but I think I might put it in the skirt to get a nicer look (loose but not too loose…). ¬†I love quite everything that I used here (I’m not 100% sure about this bag, but it suits this look), especially the snake ring – too bad it costs a small fortune! ¬†(but I will find a cheaper match one day, hopefully )

Full Tilt t-shirt (via amazon)

Opening Ceremony skirt

DressRail wedges

Rebecca Tylor bag

Elise Dray ring

chaoskittens hearts necklace

Disney Couture key necklace

Alexander McQueen scarf