I’ve been thinking about starting a blog for quite some time now. I was (and am) full of doubts whether I can self-discipline myself to write here daily, take photos and just find ideas to write about. But then bah – brainwave – I wouldn’t find out if I don’t start. And here I am.
Actually I think it will be good for me to oblige myself to do it, as I recently maintain the lack of focus and will and whatsoever. Simultaneously I have quite a lot to tell and I don’t want to bore all of my friends to death with my spiel.
As for what to expect here, please visit about me page.

Later today, for my first ever substantial post, I will share the recipe for delicious (and easy to make) croissants.

Note: All photos published here are taken (by me) using Canon PowerShot A95, as I’m currently saving money for a proper camera ;p